About Me

I started programming when I was around the age of 14. Back then, I had my own Minecraft server with a small team, website, web shop and some creative maps and game modes, which I developed by myself and with the help of Lorenz, who was my first mentor and taught me all the basics in Java. I noticed that I loved coding, building stuff and creating online communities.

During that time I had the idea to start a game server hosting business but decided not to because I was under the age of 18, PayPal wouldn't allow me to create a business account (even if I legally owned a business), and my parents told me that school was too important and that I should wait until I finished my A-Levels. In retrospect, I very much regret not having founded it then.

During my senior year of high school, I got to start vamos! The starting point was a one-week workshop in a big city. We were there with some from school and wanted to do something in the evening - unfortunately, we didn't know anyone and there was no way to spontaneously meet new people. There, I thought to myself, "Why not?" Out of this need, I founded the social network vamos! so that young people can connect with each other and see what's going on in the area.

This era ended in 2023 after we got acquired by Jodel, another social network from Berlin, Germany, but with significantly more users, funding, and experience. Since then, I've been working on product and moderation at Jodel.

If you want to follow my journey or just want to grab a (virtual) coffee, feel free to connect with me!